Sep. 23rd, 2005

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I was thinking today about which clue was genuine between Excel and Taro.

Excel's clue is pretty obvious - Ari is Young Verdant, I'm... well, you know. ugh. Please don't tell Haine. Which would leave Taro as the wolf. My problem with it was that it was too obvious - why would the shepherd give us such an easy clue?

Taro's clue... doesn't really help anyone. It tells us something we knew all along - the Princess is a wolf. My dream already pretty much said that it was the Princess and the Weed, since it's not Ari or Lady Huang.

Thing is, the Shepherd is there to even the odds, right? When we were about to vote Ari out, he gave a second clue about him to Soushi and me and Taro figured out that he was actually a safe and not Bob. Because if we'd have voted Ari out then, we would've lost.

And now, if we vote another sheep out, we'll lose. For a minute, I almost thought we *had* lost - I thought there were only six people left (2 wolves, 4 sheep - when the last sheep got killed tonight, even if we got a wolf, we'd still be at the original number of wolves in the game - we'd lose). But there's seven. We can still pull this off, and that's why Excel's clue was so friggin' easy.

So yes, Excel, I believe you. I don't think you're a wolf. But we're pretty sure Taro is keeping Ari alive because he thinks he can convince Ari of his innocence all the way to the end. If I oppose him publicly, he could possibly decide to kill me off. So I'm going to play it like I believe Taro above Excel in the public post and in Taro's post - yes, he locked a post to me and Ari.

So our plan is to vote out Tetra tonight, since we're almost sure she's the Princess, and Taro tomorrow. Anyone got anything else?


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