Oct. 7th, 2007

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So now that we've finally got the English version of Musou Orochi out, I can tell what exactly is going on with Gongji there, and even have a little time-line for him! It happens something like this:

- Orochi brings both canons into his world
- Orochi incarcerates Sun Jian and forces the ruling family of Wu into servitude. Each time they put down an uprising, Orochi releases another Wu prisoner (i.e. he unlocks another general).
- Boyan, Xingba, and Gongji are stranded together and form a resistance movement of their own.
- Boyan is defeated by Sun Ce and the Wu army, and isolated.
- Xingba and Gongji escape and team up with Xing Cai for much lulz.
- Xing Cai is defeated by Sun Ce and the Wu army. From here, I'm assuming Xing Cai goes onto her part in the Shu story, but Gongji and Xingba are split up.
- Nobunaga sends Sakon Shima to induce Sun Ce to revolt.
- Nobunaga and Mitsuhide Akechi find and rescue Boyan. He joins them.
- Xingba finds Nagamasa Azai and Oichi and joins them. Later, Cao Pi defeats them and adds them to his ranks.
- Gongji finds and joins Nobunaga.
- Gongji starts hitting on Okuni. this is ttly important, shut up
- Everyone opposes Orochi, mostly thanks to Nobunaga's manipulations.

So is this a canon update? Not really! Orochi happens outside of canon - basically, it's an AU cross-over. We know this, because after Orochi is defeated in each story no one goes back home. They're stuck in his world. Therefore, AU. Which is to say, if any SW chars happened to come to camp, Gongji would have simliar reactions to them, but wouldn't know them.

Characterization and stuff! )

I'm probably missing something, but that's all I can think of at the moment!


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