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You two are the only ones I trust now.

What the hell happened with Lady Huang's poll tampering?

Is it possible that the wolves jumped on Ari last night and then random sheep voted for Winry? Since she let the cat out of the bag, I'm not sure we'd get accurate results if we asked who voted for whom, but at the same time... since Winry's now known to have been a sheep, it probably couldn't hurt to ask.

And the new clue - Lady Tot says Omi is a professional killer. I don't know if I believe her exactly - she's talked to me about Weiß before, and how they killed her father, but... Omi doesn't seem the type to be a killer.

We know Murata is clear, though, so that leaves the Killer, the Captain, and the Fuhrer. So... Omi, Tetra, or Il Palazzo? Lady Huang trusted Il Palazzo, but... who knows how accurate that assumption was?

This is really confusing this time.

Edit: What... the hell? They're both killers? You know, I'd almost side with Lady Tot, except for the fact that she tried to target Omi and conveniently failed to mention that she was a killer herself.


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