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I'll just start out by saying that I don't have a reason for you to trust me - it's too early in the game to trust anyone blindly just yet. But I'm contacting you two because I've noticed some things and you're both safes. I'd as soon tell you two as anyone else - at least one of you will be around tomorrow. So I don't expect you to trust me, but I would like for you to look at what I'm saying and keep it in mind.

Lady Huang is lying in this comment. Riddle, you've played with her before - did she publicly ask anyone to voice their suspicions? She didn't when I played with her. Also, check her livejournal userinfo - she made a locked post right about the time the first post of this game was made. Why would she make a locked post that early in the game if she only wanted to organize her thoughts, or contact other sheep? There wouldn't be enough info to comment on.

I could be wrong - I have been before, frequently - but she's not anyone to take lightly, and the locked post is very suspicious to me. Unless it was locked to you and Shibuya, as you're the only known safes right now? Why would she have a reason to lock a post to anyone else?

Also, as Ash and I are the only ones with three or more votes in the suspicion poll right now, one of us is being set up. It's an easy way for the wolves to frame a scapegoat - the votes at this stage are usually too divided for the sheep to all vote one way. Since I told Dearka to vote for me, I don't think I'm being set up by the wolves - I think Ash is. He may be dumb and loud, but I don't think he's a wolf. Elric and Lady Huang have both talked of voting him out of the flock 'just cause' - Elric's reasoning seems to be that we can stand to lose a couple of useless sheep, when in fact, all we need him for is his vote. We really can't stand to lose him, but it looks like it's either him or me.

As for me, I don't think I'm going to survive the night unless I prove to be an acceptable scapegoat or stupid enough to believe whatever the wolves say. I may even get voted out - who knows? In any case, my advice is to watch Lady Huang and Elric, but don't be too vocal about it - if you set them off, and they are wolves, they can get rid of you.
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