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*from here *

I know. I didn't make the water too hot.


Feb. 4th, 2008 08:54 pm
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*MEANWHILE, in Gongji and Ryoutou's room in the base, SOMEONE is looking at his brand new, VERY SPECIAL porn with which he was gifted. o lol camp*
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Kongming has not been here long enough to get people stuff, but he and Ying can cook breakfast for the base together soon (if that's okay with her XD). ALSO HE MIGHT GET YING SOMETHING HORRIBLE ANYWAY, I just haven't decided exactly what yet.

Also, if I left you off, HIT ME g-god I suck.
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*someone is waking up, completely covered in blood and chicken feathers D:*

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So now that we've finally got the English version of Musou Orochi out, I can tell what exactly is going on with Gongji there, and even have a little time-line for him! It happens something like this:

- Orochi brings both canons into his world
- Orochi incarcerates Sun Jian and forces the ruling family of Wu into servitude. Each time they put down an uprising, Orochi releases another Wu prisoner (i.e. he unlocks another general).
- Boyan, Xingba, and Gongji are stranded together and form a resistance movement of their own.
- Boyan is defeated by Sun Ce and the Wu army, and isolated.
- Xingba and Gongji escape and team up with Xing Cai for much lulz.
- Xing Cai is defeated by Sun Ce and the Wu army. From here, I'm assuming Xing Cai goes onto her part in the Shu story, but Gongji and Xingba are split up.
- Nobunaga sends Sakon Shima to induce Sun Ce to revolt.
- Nobunaga and Mitsuhide Akechi find and rescue Boyan. He joins them.
- Xingba finds Nagamasa Azai and Oichi and joins them. Later, Cao Pi defeats them and adds them to his ranks.
- Gongji finds and joins Nobunaga.
- Gongji starts hitting on Okuni. this is ttly important, shut up
- Everyone opposes Orochi, mostly thanks to Nobunaga's manipulations.

So is this a canon update? Not really! Orochi happens outside of canon - basically, it's an AU cross-over. We know this, because after Orochi is defeated in each story no one goes back home. They're stuck in his world. Therefore, AU. Which is to say, if any SW chars happened to come to camp, Gongji would have simliar reactions to them, but wouldn't know them.

Characterization and stuff! )

I'm probably missing something, but that's all I can think of at the moment!
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So guys: Naesala and Lady Claire Sanosuke for the wolves - y/n?

Edit: Yeah, I know I suck. Sorry about that.
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I see what you did there.
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(( continued from here))

Boyan can, and I think Tong can, too - I, err... I'm kinda grounded from it. 'S'why I use nunchaku instead.
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So I've not done one of these in forever, but if you wanna know what Gongji thinks of your char, comment here.

And, uhh - I have an infamously bad memory lately, so please don't be upset if I hit you in chan and go "HAY REFRESH MY MEMORY" because I suck like that.
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- the 'D- Father' stuff is because Gongji's trying to get out of the habit of calling his parents "Momma" and "Daddy". Like you do at that age.

- He doesn't recognize the name 'Gongji' yet - he's not been given it yet. So right now, he's just Ling Tong. He'll look atcha funny for calling him Gongji, though.

- Like most boys, he's not yet learned how to speak properly without sounding like, well. A hick. So there's that.

- He's still just learning to use a sword and hasn't picked up the nunchaku yet - BUT HE THINKS THEY'RE REALLY COOL and also anachronistic wut I might have him try to use his normal weapons... and hit himself in the head with 'em. Also, according to the Sanguo Yanyi, he attempted to kill Gan Ning with a sword dance (twice) - so I'm betting he was a pretty decent swordsman. (as we've been playing it in camp, those incidents were the reason he picked up the nunchaku - Lord Lu Meng grounded him from using swords. D:)

I think that was all.
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So since we know Master Masahiro, we figured we'd invite you over. Even though I still don't think I've seen the other one.

You hear anything yet?

Edit: Added the safe sheep in.
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LET ME PREFACE THIS BY SAYING that Jun or Bofu would probably be a whole lot better with this than me. I AM JUST LEARNING OKAY OKAY. Also, this is as much info as I've gathered on names in the Three Kingdoms period - modern Chinese may be completely different, I don't know. |D;;;

Anyhow, you've probably noticed that when Gongji introduces himself, he does it as 'Ling Tong, styled Gongji'. Basically, that means his style name is Gongji, his family name is Ling, and his personal name is Tong. We're all familiar with family names (last names) and personal names (first names), but what the heck is a style name?


Back in ancient China (and actually following through to fairly recently, considering Mao Zedong has one), when a boy reached adulthood, his family - usually his father or grandfather - would give him the style name. Some people would even give *themselves* style names, although I've read this was considered sort of rude. Additionally, some women were even given style names at certain points in history.

Style names were usually some sort of literary allusion, a reflection of the bearer's personality, a play on their family or given name, or any other of a list of clever plays on words.


I'm glad you asked! There are a couple similarities between Japanese and Chinese names - name order, for one, and using family name with people you're not close to for another. Past that, though, things get a little... weird. It's easier for me to break this down by how each name is used (to the best of my understanding):

Family (Last) Name
Japanese: Used among casual friends, co-workers, strangers, subordinates, superiors, etc., modified with an honorific to signify relationship
Chinese: Used by subordinates, strangers. I've most commonly seen it used in conjunction with the given name.

Given (First) Name
Japanese: Used by family, close friends, superiors on particularly close subordinates, increasingly by younger people to refer to casual friends (ala western style name usage)
Chinese: Family only - no one else gets to use it.

Style name
Japanese: N/A
Chinese: Members of older generation or peers

In other words, pretty much everyone but your subordinates calls you by your style name, whether they're your friend or not. In fact, this quote attributed to Emperor Sun Quan (Sonken) is kinda illuminating about how they're used:

Mengde has Zhang Liao, and I have Gan Xingba.

'Mengde' is Cao Cao, Emperor of Wei, and Xingba is Gan Ning. Which just goes to show that you may not like the person, but if they're your same social status...


Japanese kanji were basically taken from Chinese hanzi several hundred years ago. In doing such, the hanzi used in the names of the characters of Romance of the Three Kingdoms are pronounced differently in Japanese than in Chinese (think of it like the difference between the French Jacques and the English Jack). In addition to different pronounciations, the names are used differently as well.

In both the Japanese version of Dyansty Warriors (Sangoku Musou) and in Koutetsu Sangokushi, the Japanese equivalent of a family name is used pretty well exclusively - for instance, Ling Tong is always called Ryoutou in Kousan and in DW. In fact, it's a pretty safe bet that more style names should've been thrown around - but I'm guessing because of the Japanese tending more towards using family names than given names, that they don't use the style names as much as they should. In fact, 'Ling Tong/Ryoutou' is treated as a family name in Japanese, while 'Gongj/Kousekii' is treated as a personal name. (this gets a little weird when you've got Sonsaku and Sonken who're supposed to be brothers, but... have a different family name? Heck, at least Sun Jian is also translated into Japanese as Sonken)

I PROBABLY SCREWED SOMETHING UP, but basically, that's a good run-down of it, as I understand it?
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I was going to respond to the main thread with this, but figured it prudent not to. I already know I'm marked, and if I'm correct, there's no point in giving them a bigger reason to off me tomorrow night.

I'm not sure about Lady Tot, but... she was awfully quick to incriminate Omi. And he did have three votes on him for the suspicion poll, at least one of which we know to be hers.

And if we're to believe Wolfram's clue, and not take it as a blatent attempt to try and scapegoat Raito, it could be used against her, too - she said in her conversation with Omi that she worked as a bodyguard, not as a killer, although it was pretty clear that killing was part of her job. And she failed to mention that in an attempt to pin the title of 'killer' on him.

I was hoping we'd be right about Omi, and that I could believe Lady Tot, but... evidence is starting to mount against her.
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You two are the only ones I trust now.

What the hell happened with Lady Huang's poll tampering?

Is it possible that the wolves jumped on Ari last night and then random sheep voted for Winry? Since she let the cat out of the bag, I'm not sure we'd get accurate results if we asked who voted for whom, but at the same time... since Winry's now known to have been a sheep, it probably couldn't hurt to ask.

And the new clue - Lady Tot says Omi is a professional killer. I don't know if I believe her exactly - she's talked to me about Weiß before, and how they killed her father, but... Omi doesn't seem the type to be a killer.

We know Murata is clear, though, so that leaves the Killer, the Captain, and the Fuhrer. So... Omi, Tetra, or Il Palazzo? Lady Huang trusted Il Palazzo, but... who knows how accurate that assumption was?

This is really confusing this time.

Edit: What... the hell? They're both killers? You know, I'd almost side with Lady Tot, except for the fact that she tried to target Omi and conveniently failed to mention that she was a killer herself.
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I'll just start out by saying that I don't have a reason for you to trust me - it's too early in the game to trust anyone blindly just yet. But I'm contacting you two because I've noticed some things and you're both safes. I'd as soon tell you two as anyone else - at least one of you will be around tomorrow. So I don't expect you to trust me, but I would like for you to look at what I'm saying and keep it in mind.

Lady Huang is lying in this comment. Riddle, you've played with her before - did she publicly ask anyone to voice their suspicions? She didn't when I played with her. Also, check her livejournal userinfo - she made a locked post right about the time the first post of this game was made. Why would she make a locked post that early in the game if she only wanted to organize her thoughts, or contact other sheep? There wouldn't be enough info to comment on.

I could be wrong - I have been before, frequently - but she's not anyone to take lightly, and the locked post is very suspicious to me. Unless it was locked to you and Shibuya, as you're the only known safes right now? Why would she have a reason to lock a post to anyone else?

Also, as Ash and I are the only ones with three or more votes in the suspicion poll right now, one of us is being set up. It's an easy way for the wolves to frame a scapegoat - the votes at this stage are usually too divided for the sheep to all vote one way. Since I told Dearka to vote for me, I don't think I'm being set up by the wolves - I think Ash is. He may be dumb and loud, but I don't think he's a wolf. Elric and Lady Huang have both talked of voting him out of the flock 'just cause' - Elric's reasoning seems to be that we can stand to lose a couple of useless sheep, when in fact, all we need him for is his vote. We really can't stand to lose him, but it looks like it's either him or me.

As for me, I don't think I'm going to survive the night unless I prove to be an acceptable scapegoat or stupid enough to believe whatever the wolves say. I may even get voted out - who knows? In any case, my advice is to watch Lady Huang and Elric, but don't be too vocal about it - if you set them off, and they are wolves, they can get rid of you.
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I was thinking today about which clue was genuine between Excel and Taro.

Excel's clue is pretty obvious - Ari is Young Verdant, I'm... well, you know. ugh. Please don't tell Haine. Which would leave Taro as the wolf. My problem with it was that it was too obvious - why would the shepherd give us such an easy clue?

Taro's clue... doesn't really help anyone. It tells us something we knew all along - the Princess is a wolf. My dream already pretty much said that it was the Princess and the Weed, since it's not Ari or Lady Huang.

Thing is, the Shepherd is there to even the odds, right? When we were about to vote Ari out, he gave a second clue about him to Soushi and me and Taro figured out that he was actually a safe and not Bob. Because if we'd have voted Ari out then, we would've lost.

And now, if we vote another sheep out, we'll lose. For a minute, I almost thought we *had* lost - I thought there were only six people left (2 wolves, 4 sheep - when the last sheep got killed tonight, even if we got a wolf, we'd still be at the original number of wolves in the game - we'd lose). But there's seven. We can still pull this off, and that's why Excel's clue was so friggin' easy.

So yes, Excel, I believe you. I don't think you're a wolf. But we're pretty sure Taro is keeping Ari alive because he thinks he can convince Ari of his innocence all the way to the end. If I oppose him publicly, he could possibly decide to kill me off. So I'm going to play it like I believe Taro above Excel in the public post and in Taro's post - yes, he locked a post to me and Ari.

So our plan is to vote out Tetra tonight, since we're almost sure she's the Princess, and Taro tomorrow. Anyone got anything else?


Sep. 22nd, 2005 02:34 pm
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Looks like I owe someone a cookie.
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